How to Register an Evening School in Cameroon

How to Register an Evening School in Cameroon

How to Register an Evening School in Cameroon under the Ministry of Secondary Education (MINESEC). Do you want to start an evening school in Cameroon and you’re wondering the steps to follow? Then this post is for you because it contains all the necessary information. Let’s begin by explaining certain terms.

What is an evening school?

An evening school is simply an institution that offers classes to students during the day unlike regular schools where students go in the morning. Most evening schools begin classes from 12:00PM or 1:00PM during the day. That is why it is called an evening school because classes take place in the evening.

Why study in an evening school?

There are many reasons why many people choose to study in an evening school. Some of which are;

  1. Busy schedules during the day. Many people who are workers prefer evening schools because it will be convenient for them after they close from their job sites.
  2. Affordable Fees. Most evening schools are more affordable than regular schools. This is because in an evening school they focus mainly on academics amongst other things. So this explains the reduced fee rates.
  3. It’s a good option for the less privileged. Many people who don’t have sponsors prefer this form of education because they don’t have the means to enroll in regular schools.
  4. Best option for adults. Many adults who want to gain an education always prefer this form of education since it’s very common for them to meet their peers there.

How to Register an Evening School in Cameroon

Before we look at the procedure, let’s look at the registration file.

The file shall comprise:

  • A certified true copy of the building permit or a registered lease agreement or a free of charge transfer of buildings;
  • A membership certificate in one of the Private Education Associations;
  • A list of names of administrative and teaching staff;
  • A list of didactic equipment;
  • An attestation of available funds representing three (3) months’ salary of the permanent staff;
  • Photocopies of staff certificates;
  • The instrument to open the host.

Procedure to register an evening school in Cameroon

  1. Statements on the creation and opening of an Evening School must be submitted simultaneously, against receipt, to the local representative of the private education association, who has fifteen (15) days to forward them with a legal opinion to the Regional Delegate. 
  2. The Regional Delegate has thirty (30) days to forward, with a legal opinion, (the including said declarations, with a copy of the receipt,) to the Minister of Secondary Education.

Visit the MINESEC website for more information.

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