About Us

Benchmark Evening School

Motto: Education For All

We’re the best evening school in Cameroon. Benchmark is the best place where you can study conveniently and obtain a GCE certificate with excellent grades. Since our creation, we have been preparing students for the Cameroon GCE exams and competitive entrance exams or concours. Most of the students we prepare always succeed in the GCE with flying colors. What sets us apart from other evening schools is the fact that our fees are moderate, teaching is taken seriously and most importantly we produce the best GCE results.

Creation and Activities



Benchmark Evening School is a private  school operating in the premises of CBC primary school Menda, Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda, North West Region Cameroon. She opened her doors since the 2014/2015 academic year. Benchmark offers Grammar, Commercial and Industrial (building and construction. electrical power systems and motor mechanics- for now ) options of education. In four (4) years students pass through;

  • Preparatory 0ne (P1).
  • Preparatory two (P2).
  • Preparatory three  (P3 or form five ).
  • High school (HS).

Students freely choose either the grammar, commercial or industrial options though the choice is done under  strict  and professional orientation. At the end of three and four years of course work ,the students are qualified to write GCE ordinary levels, Intermediate technical and vocational exam(ITVE) and Advanced level and Advance Technical and vocational exam (ATVE)

respectively. Benchmark has been producing excellent results at end of course exams and has  remained a functional school since it’s creation  despite the permanent or temporal closure of many schools due to the unset of the socio-political crisis that started in 2016 in Anglophone Cameroon. Besides academics, Benchmark is mindful of the suffering of many children especially the underprivileged and orphaned children, reason why the school charity program – Benchmark Emergency Support Program for  Orphans and the underprivileged (BESPO). Each year, through this program ,Benchmark offers a four (4) year free education to such selected and deserving vulnerable young persons.

Our History

Benchmark opened its doors during the 2014/2015 academic year.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of education and alleviate illiteracy.

Our Mission

  1. To guarantee the education of the underprivileged persons.
  2. To make education affordable to all.
  3. To increase adherence to technical education and professionalization.
  4. To enhance entrepreneurship and career development.


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    Benchmark is the best evening school where you can study and obtain good grades in the GCE.