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Motto: Education For All


Benchmark is a renowned evening school in Cameroon preparing students for the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Examination and students writing competitive entrance examinations or concours. Our rich history is the foundation of our values. We are diverse, welcoming and passionate about being the best we can be. At Benchmark, we believe in quality education for all. Enroll today and make your college experience unforgettable.

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Excellent Results

Over the years, Benchmark has produced excellent results in the end of year/GCE examinations. Our results are usually the best because we always organize mock exams which follow the Cameroon General Certificate of Education examination standard. This makes our students very familiar with the nature and structure of the final exam. The mock exam equally helps them understand what is expected during the final exam.

Good Teachers

Benchmark teachers are well trained professionals (pedagogues).  They use the Competence Based Approach (CBA) to impart knowledge to students. Benchmark teachers are carefully selected, well qualified, certified and dedicated. Very productive, patient, encouraging and have a student centered interest. All these are guided by Benchmark’s work and management policy.

Moderate Fees

At Benchmark, we believe everyone should have an education. That is why we have moderated our fees giving you the opportunity to pay in instalments. Money should not be the reason why you are out of school. Benchmark even sponsors orphans and underprivileged children using donations from generous persons in the community. Our motto is: Education For All. So no one should be left out.

Career Development

Many people face challenges in life because they made the wrong choice of a career. At Benchmark, we educate all our students on how to choose and develop their career. Every year, the administration of Benchmark organizes an orientation meeting to guide students on how to choose and pursue a career, the subjects and series to offer in particular careers. That is why we are the best evening school in Cameroon.

School Laboratories

We’re a fast growing institution, Benchmark administration has made sure that its students have the opportunity of carrying out practicals many times before their end of year GCE Examinations. We have a school laboratory for food science, computer science, and many other practical subjects. Benchmark is the best evening school in Cameroon because when you come to Benchmark you can offer just any practical subject of your choice.


We are proud to be the best evening school in Cameroon because we offer online classes to students preparing for the GCE. Benchmark offers both online and face-to-face classes to its students. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Benchmark decided to setup its own e-learning platform for students to learn remotely. Also the minister of secondary education is very particular about enhancing distance learning in Cameroon.

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Our Programs

GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level Examinations

TVEE Intermediate and Advanced Level Examinations

Preparatory Classes for Competitive Entrance Exams

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Success Stories

Meet Our Founder

Mr. Esambe Herbert Abwe is the Founder and Coordinator of Benchmark Evening School (B.E.S). He is a trained and very experienced Geography teacher from the Higher Teachers Training College. He has been a GCE examiner for most of his career. Mr. Herbert believes everyone should have an education because, as Benjamin Franklin once said, this investment in yourself will pay you back with interest over your entire lifetime.

There’s no doubt that the cost of education is on the rise. Help sponsor orphans and less privileged children go to school by donating generously.

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